15 Photo Background Ideas for your Custom Built Furniture and Decor Business

Running a handmade business is not for the faint of heart.

You pour your sweat and heart into each project (and prayerfully no blood).

Selling things online is getting harder and harder by the day.  Your portfolio of work is no longer just word of mouth, it's on your Instagram page, your Facebook page, and your website.  Taking progress shots can be fun to post to allow customers to see how and where you work. But, these are not the types of pictures that you want as the final image of your custom built furniture and decor.

You worked hard on building a quality custom piece and it deserves to be shown off.

I've come up with different backgrounds for my furniture over time.  Often it's been outside in my beautiful backyard. However, one thing I've always had a difficult time mastering is getting consistent images of the things I've built.

Maybe you have the same trouble. Good news, I’m here to help.

Here 15 ideas of backgrounds for taking pictures of your custom built furniture, decor, and more.

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10 Ways SketchUp can Improve your Building and Save you Money in the Process

SketchUp is my go-to program for anything that I could ever dream to build. For my building project’s it's the one thing I really couldn’t live without. Yes, the tools are clearly important too, but if I go into the workshop without a plan, I’m wasting time, energy, and money.

Most people are quick to assume that this program is only for architects, engineers, and construction professionals. That simply couldn’t be farther from the truth.

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Start Building with these 4 Tools for Under $150 (+video)

How can I quickly get started building? It's one question on every Pinterest lover’s mind, whether you're planning a honey-do list or you're hoping to save some money by outfitting your home with things you’ve made, building your own furniture can be an amazing skill to obtain.

While looks aren’t everything, having a home you are proud of isn’t a bad thing to want or to make happen. You just need to the right tools and some encouragement to get started.

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5 Reasons You should have been Building Your own furniture all this time

So you’ve got a few tools in your garage? Your dad has some down in his basement that he barely uses? You need to get down there now and borrow those things. Or if they really don’t use them ask if you can have them or buy them!

You are missing out on so many benefits of building your own furniture, it’s not even funny.

Oh yea Jenn, easy for you to say, you build stuff all the time. Yes, I do, and here are exactly 5 reasons why You Should have been building your own furniture all along too.

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