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10 Ways SketchUp can Improve your Building and Save you Money in the Process

SketchUp is my go-to program for anything that I could ever dream to build. For my building project’s it's the one thing I really couldn’t live without. Yes, the tools are clearly important too, but if I go into the workshop without a plan, I’m wasting time, energy, and money.

Most people are quick to assume that this program is only for architects, engineers, and construction professionals. That simply couldn’t be farther from the truth.

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5 Reasons You should have been Building Your own furniture all this time

So you’ve got a few tools in your garage? Your dad has some down in his basement that he barely uses? You need to get down there now and borrow those things. Or if they really don’t use them ask if you can have them or buy them!

You are missing out on so many benefits of building your own furniture, it’s not even funny.

Oh yea Jenn, easy for you to say, you build stuff all the time. Yes, I do, and here are exactly 5 reasons why You Should have been building your own furniture all along too.

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