From the Workshop- Storage Bench

I am so very blessed to work at a job where they often need me to do my "other job" and build them something.  Over the years I've gotten to build bookcases, kitchen sets, and plenty of storage!

For this project I was one of the ones to benefit directly from it. I share an office with one of my best friends and she and I decided to move a few chairs away and add a storage bench. 

I designed it in sketchup first based on the measurements I took in my office. We knew it needed to be long and the same height as our chairs we were replacing. I also wanted to leave room for little fingers so I adjusted the hinges and allowed it to not smash a child's hands if they tried to open it. 

Here it is in sketchup all built. One HUGE advantage of learning to build in sketchup is that you have the feeling of already having built your piece before you even make your first cut. It takes so much of the guess work out of it. 

sketchup drawing for bench storage

Here is the finished product. 

Storage Bench by NJS Design Company-4.jpg

I'm in love with this thing. Not to mention it's big enough to fit a few kids in!