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Branding and Websites for Handmade Businesses

you make some amazing things


Finally someone who designs custom brands and websites for Makers so your stuff can stand out and sell


You've spent hours refining your designs, gathering materials, cutting, painting, and finishing, and at the end of the day you threw up a 'free' website with some blurry pictures of your work... but it’s not working like it should.

I know exactly what that feels like.

Jennifer was helpful and fun to work with. We’ve seen more website traffic, more inquiries, and more clientele since working with her on our website. She brings a different perspective to the table and it’s totally worth it. Jennifer is the best!
— Danielle at East Tennessee Doulas
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There’s a lot of information floating around online about how to create a quick website, draw something in Canva, or sell your stuff online. And if you’re a "gotta do #allthethings" kinda person, that might be the best fit for you.

But if you’re tired of wasting the little amount of extra time you have, figuring out why no one buys from your Etsy shop, how to update your outdated website, or how to build a website in the first place, I'd love to chat with you about how I can help with that. 


option one


 3 week process


option two

Branding & Website

4 week process



How It Works

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lets hear your story

We'll chat about where you're at now, and where you want to be in your business, and how I can help

We come up with a plan

I'll draw up a sitemap (a.k.a. a game plan) for how your visitors will use your site, and get to work

site design & celebrate

I'll build your site and take care of all the details, then we'll launch it together with plenty of training


My Promise To You


I pride myself on an organized and streamlined process, before, during and after, for every client.


I won't take on a client that doesn't need me or isn't a good fit, that's why we chat first.


With a degree in the design field I understand crutial and important details that others might miss.


I'll teach you how to use your website. You should always feel confident in the investment you've made.

Do your research. Work with someone you’re comfortable with and is easy to talk to like Jenn. I felt comfortable throughout the whole process and walked away with a wealth of useful knowledge.
— Sam Alley, Custom Build Client
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Hey there, I'm Jennifer

I'm a branding and website designer helping Makers of all Kinds get their sites up and running so that they have more time to make the stuff they're good at. I have a heart for orphans, a love for design, and a relentless desire to see other furniture builders, crafters, artists, and makers succeed in their businesses.

My background is in Commercial Interior Design and I also design and build custom furniture. I love what I get to do and I totally get what it's like to run a small business making things by hand. 

The thing is... I know you, you just want to build, craft, and make what you love. How are you supposed to have time to design a website for your business when you’re trying to get orders made for your customers?  You’d much rather be spending your time building the things you’re good at and getting them into the homes of the people you love.  


Sometimes People Wonder

How do I edit my website when it's all finished?

Once we finish your project we'll sit down and record a 1-hour training session showing you the in's and out's of your exact site. Also, Squarespace has a ton of help tutorials and great customer support. Squarespace is super user friendly and I'm confident my clients can handle it after our time together.

I have an old website, how do I switch to the new one?

I'm here to help guide you through the process. It can seem like a lot going on, but I promise with the right help, it's not. I design your site with a trial setup through Squarespace, which is totally separate from your current site. You will keep your old site up and running until we are ready to make the switch. If you have your own domain name already I will help with getting that moved over to your new site. I can also assist in getting your old content transferred, if needed.

How will my site look on a cell phone?

Every website I build in Squarespace is mobile responsive and will work beautifully on desktops, ipads, cell phones and about any other device you can pull it up on. To make the process easiest, I’ll design within the desktop version first, and then finalize details within the mobile version so that your users get the same look no matter their device.

What if I don't have my website wording and pictures ready yet?

The first step in working with me is a chat and some client homework, so you'll have a good head start on your wording by working through this at the beginning of the process. When I design your site plan much of it will be filled with "placeholder" text and images so that we can get a feel for where it will all go. If you need help with copywriting I can point you to some good resources for that.

What project management software do you use?

If you’ve never used Asana before you’ll be sold after one look. It’s free, easy to use, and if you're new to it I've got a video that walks you through getting started. It will be like our digital home base, keeping all our discussions and to-dos in one organized and convenient place. My favorite thing about it is how easy it is to check things off the to-do list. Once we finalize the project I have a special page on my website for clients only; this is where we’ll put your links, design files, etc. for safe keeping, so that you can go there and download anything you need, anytime you need.

How do we get started?

After you submit a contact form, we’ll schedule a quick chat (video or phone, whatever's easiest) to see if we’ll be a good fit for each other. If we decide it’s a go, I’ll send you over an invoice for the deposit so you can officially claim your project dates. The deposit is 50% due upon booking, and the remainder 50% is due upon completion.